Are you using sunscreen every day? “No”

Are you using medical grade skin grade skin care? “No”

Then NO, I don’t recommend a deep peel or CO2 laser. 

If you want to get either of these treatments then I recommend you avoid sun exposure to your face in order to protect your investment. 

I also recommend that you get on a medical-grade skincare routine and stay on it (again, protecting your investment). Medical grade skin care will help you achieve results faster & have a quicker recovery time post-procedure.

If you undergo an aggressive, costly procedure you must incorporate sunscreen & medical-grade skin care to maintain your results. If you are not committed then please DON’T DO IT! In 12 months you WILL be disappointed & most, if not all, your results will have faded. 

Would you get braces & not brush your teeth? Would you go to the gym and eat big macs & drink soda all day? 

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